Sunday, May 23, 2004

Kraft Canada - 12 x :30 second commercials

Cottage Life Television included for several seasons a wonderful food segment hosted by Keely Schierl (owner of the Butcher's Daughters a deli/catering store in cottage country). The segment was very popular with our viewers.

We approached Kraft with the idea of sponsoring the segment and designed a strategy where some of their products would be used by Keely in the preparation of the recipes. Broadcaster guidelines (and good taste) prohibited us from excessive brand exposure so a solution was devised where we would produce commercials for Kraft and schedule them within the commercial break immediately following Keely's recipe segment.

The commercials were produced against a cottage country backdrop that was consistent with the environment of the series. A variety of brands participated in the series of commercials and we managed the rotation of the spots to coincide with the content of the episode.

During the production of the spots we shot stills of the prepared recipes for use in companion ads in Cottage Life magazine and for display at Cottage Life's consumer show.

The campaign also included the development and maintenance of a website: Kraft At The Cottage. This site was accessible through and included the recipes from the series, stills of the finished recipes, video of the preparation and bonus recipes and features.

The campaign was a great success and an early example of online rich media.