Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Microsoft Home Magazine – Rich Media

I was contracted by iPrimate to develop a Rich Media strategy for Microsoft Home Magazine. Part of the implementation of the strategy is the production of Interactive Video segments for the Microsoft Home Magazine site.

I am fascinated by the potential of alternative broadcasting. The Long Tail of entertainment and service broadcasting is beyond the reach of conventional television broadcasters. Gradually consumers will be able to access programming privately through their computers and cell phones and publicly through digital signage. This programming will be by definition far more targeted and therefore relevant.

What ultimately differentiates alternative broadcasting from conventional television is the relationship between the broadcaster and the consumer. Content on demand can be as simple as clicking a mouse or standing in front of a kiosk. This negotiation for content provides mass to the "Long Tail". This is why the iTunes Music Store and Amazon.com will sell more media than a traditional retail outlet - simply because they have it in stock. This negotiation also defines the development of content. Real time traffic analysis will soon replace television ratings as a determination of what the consumer wants to watch.