Monday, May 23, 2005

SUMMER'S BEST - 26 episodes


SUMMER'S BEST is a celebration of the ultimate in summer cooking and entertainment. The philosophy driving the show is that with only about a dozen weekends in the summer it’s important to make sure each is the best it can be.

I love to cook (and entertain) and a cottage is without question my favourite place to do it. Where else can you experiment with cooking over an open fire, toss a salad with fresh wild edibles or dine on just caught fish?

SUMMER'S BEST was created for Food Network Canada who wisely recognized the need for a summer barbecue show that wasn't stuck in a backyard. The visual style of the series is casual and spontaneous. The recipes were shot in real time with few interruptions so that the presentation could be as authentic as possible. Our featured cottagers weren't professional chefs in a studio - they were amateur cooks in their own environment.

To compliment the preparation of the food and drink we packaged the recipes with lifestyle vignettes that were cut to Trip Hop, Lounge and Electronica music. The end result was a series that captured the essence of the cottage vibe.

While we had an amazing crew for both seasons of SUMMER'S BEST the real kudos go out to the cottagers who let us invade their cottage life and allowed us to take-up some of their precious downtime.

This is the opening for the show.